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Yoga has developed over thousands of years into what it is today. Ancient yogis defined health and fitness not as being able to hold or master a posture, but rather as being structurally stable, having the ability to move with grace and ease, the elimination of suffering, and the ability to withstand change. Some students may prefer the spiritual aspect of yoga while others prefer the physical. Some students may prefer a more calming Yoga practice, while others prefer a more intense one. Accommodating these differences are what truly makes yoga a wonderful and unique practice, as everyone can experience it in their own way.


Hatha Yoga (pronounced "Haa-tah," though Western culture most often pronounces it "Haa-tha") focuses on connecting the mind and the body by using the breath to settle into poses more slowly and intentionally, encouraging strength, balance, and flexibility.  Hatha classes are not high energy and are considered a more gentle practice, but that doesn't mean they can't be challenging. Expect to start with a focus on your breath to help engage in a poses with a focus on individual postures rather than the sequence and linking between postures.  Hatha provides the time and space to truly focus on the correct alignment of each pose.  All classes end with a guided meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga focuses on synchronizing the breath with dynamic movement, and is sometimes referred to as "Yoga flow." Movement between poses is more rapid, generating heat and adding a cardiovascular component not always present in more static practices like Hatha.  Vinyasa practices can help build core and upper body strength and improve flexibility. Expect to repeat sequences in a Vinyasa class, gaining familiarity with the flow and using your breath to set the pace for how quickly you move. Classes start with a brief focus on the breath, movement through flowing poses, a cool down, and a guided meditation.

Prenatal Yoga can help prepare the body and mind for childbirth, just as the physical practice of yoga can help prepare the body for meditation. It can contribute to safe pregnancy and recovery by building awareness, strength, and elasticity in our minds and bodies.  Prenatal yoga practices can stimulate healthy blood flow strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, and reduce lower back pain.


Please bring a mat or you may opt not to as our studio space is matted.  Please also bring a water bottle.



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