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"Mr. H. was instrumental in my son's development both as a young man and as a student. Being a military family we have moved every two or three years and my son struggled with confidence and always had a bit of timidness. To say that Mr. H. unlocked my son's full potential is a gross understatement. His positive approach and “it’s okay to be you” approach was something we had been searching for all along. Hands down one of the best humans I have met. Mr. H. is a total professional on and off the mat and is bar none the best instructor my son has ever trained under."

-Justin K.


"Mr. H is a very kind human and I am so glad I was able to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as his student. When I took his class I was in the best physical shape of my life. Usually I have social anxiety and get nervous in group settings but it was not a problem during his class. I felt very welcome and I was able to excel at Jiu Jitsu."

-Jackson K.


"I started working with Gabriel August 2017 when I signed up for Infusion MMA adult fitness classes. I am not someone who works out and had a hard time finding something I loved and would go to. The adult fitness class came recommended and Gabriel had high recommendations from people I knew. I fell in love with the class not just because of the class but because of the instructor. Gabriel always made you feel comfortable. He would have you set personal goals to push yourself. He was very relaxed for the classes just wanting people to do their best. He really spiced up the class and would always change the exercises so it never got boring and would work on all parts of the body including balance. I loved that!!! He also showed you variations so you could choose something easier or harder depending on your level. He got me to push myself to be better and I finally enjoyed working out."

-Alicia N.


"Gabe is a fantastic instructor! He possesses a unique ability to have high energy while being extremely approachable and easy to work with. If there is a concept I’m struggling with, I’ve always seemed to be able to figure it out with Gabe’s instruction. No question is a dumb one and he lets you learn at your speed. He loves this stuff, and it shows. Gabe is a true martial artist."
-Bradley C.
"Gabe has been a true professional in the months we have known him as our BJJ coach. Just last night as we were sitting down for dinner as a family my daughter remarked, 'Gabe is always so encouraging when we roll. He always has helpful feedback and makes it fun!' As a Dad with three kids in BJJ this is exactly what you want to hear!"
-Zach N.
"Gabe is an excellent instructor for adult mma. I've learned how to listen to my body while working on flexibility and muscle tone. I've always had a problem with hand eye coordination. It's amazing how fast I can catch things now. Since I've been instructed by Gabe, I've learned to face my social fears. Instead of bottling my emotions, I will confront others in a positive way to work out any issues. This is a fun way to exercise, improve concentration and meet new friends. You'll learn a lot more skills than you'd expect."

"Gabe works well with kids, matching their enthusiasm to learn and using it to keep them engaged. He uses their curiosity to help them try new skills and conquer fears too. Gabe understands the energy of different kids and adapts to their needs to help them feel comfortable."

-Amanda C.


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